Fashion Feature Friday: Himkala Limbu

Photography by Mike Chan

Hema Limbu is a high-end, Hong Kong based fashion designer. Her dresses are elegant and sexy. I have no doubt that she’ll reach her ultimate goal. Read on to find out what that is. 

Photography by Mike Chan

Furies Magazine: Was there a particular fashion piece that first drew you into the world of designing?

Hema Limbu: I’ve always kept fashion as an inspiration. I used to buy a simple cork board and paste, pin, and tack inspirational fashion pictures on it. Placing it up somewhere where i would constantly see it, like my bedroom. I also bought some folders and file fashion magazine clippings or computer print outs in it. Moreover, i also subscribe to fashion magazines like Vogue/ Elle and stay on top of the latest trends. I normally keep a little book of fashion cuttings in my bag. I try to also constantly surrounded myself with fashion inspiration, where ideas usually come flooding in.

Photography by Mike Chan

FM: Where do you find your inspiration?

HL: Beautiful things around me…Nature, Skyscraper at night, images in magazines, films
Then I put them together and create something new!

FM: How did you come up with the name for your label?

HL: My label HIMKALA LIMBU, actually is my real name which means “Art of Himalayas – as Himkala” in Nepalese.

FM: What are your future plans?

HL: I strategically plan my motives such as: having the initial phase by exposing my ideas/designs through Fashion shows and such. Thereafter, second phase, reaching out to potential buyers or meeting with various suppliers around the world to have my work sold. But of course, my ambitious dream is to be able to participate in New York, Milan Fashion Week.


You can find Hema’s 2011 and 2012 collections on her website. Better yet, go like her facebook page!

You can also buy Hema’s collection on Zeuz.

Photography by Mike Chan

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