Fashion Feature Friday: Rehcy Vonne

Photography by Kaci Kennan

If a mermaid were to magically transform into a human and walk onto shore, she would need a wardrobe. I know just the person to design that wardrobe: Anna Maria, the designer behind Rehcy Vonne. I know I’ve used the word “ethereal” to describe pieces before, but these dresses go far beyond that. These dresses are simply divine. 

Photography by Kaci Kennan

Furies Magazine: Was there a particular piece of clothing that drew you into the world of clothing design?

Anna Maria: Design was, in a way, already within me. It just took me a while to realize it, and when I did, it was a big “duh” moment. It wasn’t any particular piece of clothing or designer that drew me in. I had always helped my mom sew as a child and teen, always picking out fabrics, and changing patterns to make them into my own style. However, the “duh” moment happened at about 15. I loved sketching– mostly sketching people. In my sketches I rarely paid any attention to the background of my drawings, putting the entirety of the sketch’s focus on what the person was wearing. I would sketch these imaginary people in these elaborate, futuristic, and completely over-the-top outfits, and in my mind making up a story about each one. I placed all of these drawings in a collage on my bedroom door. One day my cousin was visiting, and when she saw the collage, she told me that I should be a fashion designer. That statement sort of smacked me right in the face! Haha! And right then I realized, “duh” you’ve been a clothing designer all along, and you didn’t even know it.

Photography by Kaci Kennan

FM: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

AM: I know it’s cliché, but I find inspiration all around me, in random things.  I look to a many different places, but I have to say my favorite places for inspiration are history, especially the Victorian era, the natural, free style of the Native Americans, and myths or fantasy. Another place I draw a lot of inspiration from is, well, it’s nerdy, but I love looking at comic books for inspiration, especially X-Men comics. I know, I know, nerdy right? But I love how the super-heroines are both beautiful, as well as, tough. That idea is something I always try to incorporate into my designs; you can be both beautiful and strong. You do not have to choose between the two.

FM: When you have no inspiration what do you turn to? Is there a book, a movie?

AM: This actually happens to me quite often, so when it does, I just step away from designing clothing for a while. Get up, walk around, and do something else; something random will inspire a design. If that doesn’t work, I’ll look through my inspiration file which is a digital file that I save inspiring fashion, sketches, and art in. The pictures come from all different places, whatever I see that looks awesome gets pasted in the file. In the end, if I am still not inspired, I’ll take a trip to the comic book store– comics are a great inspiration to me.

Photography by Kaci Kennan

FM: What is your work space like? What do you like to be surrounded by when you’re working?

AM: The work space is a large room in my house that is “organized” into sections. I put “organized” in quotations because I have recently moved into a new house, and parts of the studio are still in boxes. Yeah, I’ll get there…eventually. In the center is a nine foot, re-purposed ping-pong table that I bought especially for patterning and cutting fabric. The size and super smooth top make ping-pong tables fantastic for this! Next I have a corner with sewing machines set up and another corner for the computer. Shelving filled with supplies covers the entire back wall and a clothing rack runs along the opposite wall. However, what I most like to be surrounded by when I am working is sunlight and fresh air. I love to open the blinds and windows when designing. They keep me awake, energized, and some how inspired, leaving me wanting to make the most of my day. My dream studio is filled with bright light and nothing but windows.

FM: When you sit down to design, do you have a routine or specific way that you start?

AM: Not really, this usually just depends on what stage of the design process that I am currently in. The only common thing I do each day would be opening the windows, and turning on some kind of background noise, usually reruns of an old show that I have seen multiple times and sometimes music. The noise just keeps the house from being to quiet, which will put me to sleep! haha! Then I’ll jump into whatever I am focusing on for the day whether sewing, patterning, accessories, or business.

Photography by Kaci Kennan

FM: What’s your favorite part of the entire process from pencil to piece?

AM: Oh, definitely the quick-sketching. I think I’m an artist first; so to me, drawing is always fun. I love being inspired and sketching out the idea. Also I consider myself lazy, and this is the quickest easiest part, which of course makes it my favorite step. Now to find some little elves to take the designs from sketch to reality, so I don’t ever have to pattern or sew! 

FM: What’s the story behind the brand name?

AM: Haha! The brand name came about after a very late night of frustratingly, trying to create a name that resonated with me. I was sitting up late at my desk, scribbling on a piece of paper, trying to come up with something fabulous, and eating my favorite candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I knew I wanted the name to be edgy and high fashion, but still have something to do with Eco-friendly and organic because I wanted my line to be a high fashion, Eco line. I also wanted the name to sound a bit androgynous because I planned on adding menswear in the future. I’m not exactly sure how the name came about, it was just sort of born out of a combination of Reese’s, recycle, and my mother’s middle name, Yvonne. The creation was very random, but when I finally scribbled it out, I instantly knew it was the name for me.

Photography by Kaci Kennan

FM: What are your future plans for Rehcy Vonne?

AM: Why to take over the world, of course! Just joking…but not really. Currently I’m focused on my online sales and my Etsy shops. However one day, Rehcy Vonne will be a worldwide brand, with stores in all the major fashion cities across the globe. I want it to become a multi-billion dollar brand and use its success to fund orphanages, schools, and help orphans in developing nations– and to also buy me a Lamborghini. *grin*

Rehcy by Anna Maria, that’s my accessory line, and Rehcy Vonne will eventually grow into an entire lifestyle brand, one that focuses on achieving dreams, helping others, and changing the world for the better. I’m a dreamer, I know, but I’m a dreamer with a vision and drive. Hopefully, that will get me to where I plan to go.


You can shop these heavenly pieces on Etsy. If you’re yearning for even more check out the Rehcy Vonne website. You can also like the Rehcy facebook page.

Photography by Kaci Kennan

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