Tattoo Time: Darren M. Hosé


I am excited to introduce Furies readers to Wisconsin-based Darren M. Hosé!  He is a well-booked tattoo artist with a passion for strong lines, and minimal color.  If you are in his area, I hope you get a chance to see his work in person!


NAM_00006_20130513Furies Magazine:  Were you always involved with art in some form?  If so, what?

Darren M. Hosé:  Yes, I have been making art from as young as I can remember.  I began to make art well before I could walk, I am told.  I began as many artists drawing, but during my teenage years I started to use various mediums, and as I developed this skill set, took many university courses where I truly fell in love with painting and sculpture.

Furies Magazine:  What led you to tattooing?

Darren M. Hosé:  The truth is that I have always held a love and appreciation for the art form and loved the process of tattooing.  I had my first tattoo when I was 16 or 17 years old.  I used to see motorcycle clubs when I was a kid and dreamed of acquiring the abundance of tattoos that they so proudly wore.  When I was just 6 years old, I told my mom when I that I wanted to look like the guys I had seen, and she just smiled.  Really, my desire to become a tattoo artist started when I graduated with a degree in art education and art history.  I had been substitute teaching and really considering whether this was the career path for me or not.  I was also going through a very challenging period of life in other personal areas, when I was presented with an opportunity to apprentice as a tattoo artist.  It was at this point that I chose to make the decision to go for it and become a professional tattooist.

Furies Magazine:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  Who did it?NAM_00000_20060116

Darren M. Hosé:  As I said previously I was 16 or 17, and it was by little lady named Rosie.  I honestly can’t even remember much about her or the shop… but alas I carry her permanent mark…

Furies Magazine:  Who taught you how to tattoo, and at what age?  How/where did you learn?

Darren M. Hosé:  I was fortunate enough to find a great couple who have had a successful tattoo studio not far from where I live, who also took interest in me as a prospective tattoo apprentice.  Because I didn’t get my secondary education until later, my tattoo career did not begin until age 34.  I was apprenticed under Tony and Lisa Kofakis at Crimson Heart Designs, and under their close eye and encouragement, began by learning all of the proper sterilization on organization and other various health aspects that go into the art of tattooing.  I would be given simple drawings to do that would test my hand and help me to discipline myself to be steady and prepared for actual tattooing.  Eventually I would move on to more complex drawing, and drawing outlines for Tony and Lisa.  This led me to practice skin, and then to tattooing actual flesh, my own.

Furies Magazine:  Where did you start out tattooing?  Do you prefer to be called a tattooer or tattoo artist?

NAM_00007_20130116Darren M. Hosé:  I am still under the wonderful studio of Crimson Heart Designs, which is based in Clear Lake, Wisconsin.  I am currently tattooing in their extension studio in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  I prefer to be called a tattoo artist.

Furies Magazine:  What is your favorite style to tattoo?

Darren M. Hosé:  I really gravitate toward heavily graphic with minimal colors.  I love and appreciate traditional, Americana, and Japanese traditional as well.  Personally, my style is still emerging, but my desire is to develop toward a style reminiscent of the old school screen printing and some of the more modern techniques found in Graphic design.

Furies Magazine:  Do you find tattoos changing with trends?

Darren M. Hosé:  Absolutely, for instance women where once really into lower back tattoos, or tribal was huge.  Now we see a lot of google images.  Lower back tattoos are being replaced by floral motifs with swirls and curls or feathers.  Tribal is still popular but the graphic style is really beginning to emerge.

Furies Magazine:  Do you have a favorite tattoo convention, and, why?NAM_00004_20130116

Darren M. Hosé:  No, not really as I am still quite new to the whole culture.  But there are several in Europe that I would love to attend.  As a studio, we all went to the Detroit tattoo convention this February, where we attended various courses from Black and Grey tattooing, to Machine Building Courses and everything in between.

Furies Magazine:  What inspires you/your work?

Darren M. Hosé:  I glean inspiration from my peers a lot.  I will spend down time watching them tattoo, or talk with a client and just sort of smile to myself, thinking how fortunate I am to work in such a genuine and creative environment.  Lately, I have been inspired by the artwork coming from France by Xoil.  Check it out!!!  I love the lines and the abstract nature of it all.  I remain drawn to the work of Cubism and Dada as well, but I honestly find inspiration everywhere.

Furies Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Darren M. Hosé:  I hope to be continuing to grow as a tattoo artist as well as a fine artist, which by the way are not necessarily separate ideas to me.  I hope to have my own studio, or possibly open another studio under Crimson Heart designs where I can continue to honor my roots.  I would love to have a full line of apparel, and my own custom tattoo machine line.

NAM_00002_20060131Furies Magazine:  Any piece of advice for that Tattoo Virgin?

Darren M. Hosé:  I always say for people to really research or study images before having them tattooed.  I also love to tell people to try and think of other ways to portray their ideas… Also come well hydrated and enjoy the process rather than dread it.  Come in relaxed and ready to share the experience of a permanent mark with your artist.  Lastly don’t just take your artists word for it.  Look at their work.  And NEVER, EVER get tattooed out of some ones house or garage or whatever… It is completely disrespectful to the art and tradition of tattooing.

Furies Magazine:  Is there a piece you’ve done that stands out as your favorite?

Darren M. Hosé:  There are a couple but one that I particularly enjoyed was on a Client that wanted a Kenworth logo with gears and pistons, also a skull in a shamrock, A tribal bull, and I really love to do Roses, but honestly for me it isn’t as much about the tattoo as it is the shared experience.  When a client is enjoying themselves, so do I and therefore the tattoo is far more memorable for me.

Furies Magazine:  Anything you’ve never been asked, but would love to answer?NAM_00003_20121027

Darren M. Hosé:  If a client could tattoo me… The answer is absolutely not!!!  Unless, Ha Ha…

Furies Magazine:  Darren can be found here:

Darren M. Hosé
Crimson Heart Designs
Rice Lake Location

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