Tattoo Time: Eric Brocious


I met Eric at The Nashville Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival this past March, and was immediately pulled in by his style, and vibrant use of color.  I am so excited for Furies readers to check out his work!


310759_10201271368806494_993318154_nFuries Magazine:  Were you always involved with art in some form?  If so, what?

Eric Brocious:  I have been doing art my entire life, growing up with comic books and sci-fi magazines and books were some of my earliest inspirations. (and still are).  I remember being “the kid that could draw” in school, as early as third grade.

Furies Magazine:  What led you to tattooing?

Eric Brocious:  Tattooing is something that has always fascinated me, long before I was old enough to actually get one. It has also been something I have always wanted to do. Just took me awhile to get to the point of committing my life to the art and culture of tattooing.

Furies Magazine:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  Who did it?

Eric Brocious:  I was 18. A friend of mine had gotten a mail order kit, and we took turns trying to figure out how to do BLACK FLAG tattoos on each other, while reading along with the manual that came with it. Haha…  I DO NOT recommend anyone do what we did!  You only end up with bad tattoos you will regret. And it is also very dangerous.227490_4826172612440_35180812_n

Furies Magazine:  Who taught you how to tattoo, and at what age?  How/where did you learn?

Eric Brocious:  I started my formal apprenticeship in 2006. I was 32 (I think). After about a year, I began tattooing friends at the shop for free. Then my mentor at the time opened his own shop in October of 2007, and I worked with him from the beginning until July of this year. I started working full time at Electric City Tattoo Gallery, and I plan on staying at this shop as my home, while I travel intermittently as much as I can.

Furies Magazine:  Where did you start out tattooing?  Do you prefer to be called a tattooer or tattoo artist?

Eric Brocious:  Scranton, Pa.  I feel that the term “tattoo artist” is and can be appropriate in a lot of cases, but I prefer tattooer or tattooist, because it doesn’t bring about the air of pretension and self importance that “artist” does. And I believe it is important to maintain humility, as well as keep in perspective that what we do is a service to a clientele. And we are nothing without them. And we must do what they want if we are going to make a living.

545069_10200372246649002_1001474602_nFuries Magazine:  What is your favorite style to tattoo?

Eric Brocious:  I really love tattooing all and all. I don’t like to limit myself to one specific labeled style, but I am inspired heavily by traditional and neo traditional western and Japanese. As well as dark themed black and grey.

Furies Magazine:  Do you find tattoos changing with trends?

Eric Brocious:  Of course, subject matter for instance. You see one or two bad ass jackalopes, and the next thing ya know they are everywhere. Or, the boom and then fade, in popularity of color portraiture over the last decade.  

Furies Magazine:  Do you have a favorite tattoo convention, and, why?

Eric Brocious:  I have several, but I must admit I am very partial to our local show here – The Electric City Tattoo Convention. It is full of good friends of mine, and a lot of my clientele come out to support. It is smaller, very comfortable, and low stress.  It is just a fun, easy going show.

Furies Magazine:  What inspires you/your work?532721_10201229479839296_417776892_n

Eric Brocious:  So many things. I am inspired by so many brilliant artists I couldn’t begin to name; many tattooers, as well as fine artists and illustrators. I also read a lot, and am huge into film, sci-fi, and horror; as well as old war and westerns. Art house stuff. And the world around me never ceases to amaze. There are just too many wonders to see in a lifetime.

Furies Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Eric Brocious:  Hopefully still tattooing and making a living at it. I would also like to push my painting further and get into sculpture, and I have always wanted to finish art school that I started so many years ago.  As far as where? Who knows. I love traveling and I have been doing as much as I possibly can; maybe I will find someplace I will never want to leave.

Furies Magazine:  Any piece of advice for that Tattoo Virgin?

Eric Brocious:  Do your research. Look for a tattooer who appeals to you as far as the quality of their work and style, but also someone who is patient and treats you with respect. And a good recommendation from a friend(s) doesn’t hurt.

946042_10201513039288105_1414614824_nFuries Magazine:  Any piece of advice for aspiring tattoo artists?

Eric Brocious:  You have to be truly in love with it.  Everything about it.  You have to dedicate yourself to never letting up.  There are no good part timers.  You have to live it.  It’s a lot of hard work and long days, but it is worth every bit of it and more.

Furies Magazine:  Is there a piece you’ve done that stands out as your favorite?

Eric Brocious:  I do look back on my work from time to time, but I am always really into what I am doing at the moment.  So my newest or my work in progress is always my favorite.

Furies Magazine:  Anything you’ve never been asked, but would love to answer?

Eric Brocious:  Oh boy.. Haha uhm.. Well my answer would be yes.

Furies Magazine:  Eric can be found here:230670_10200459425708424_382822399_n

The Electric City Tattoo Gallery


620-618 Spruce St.

Scranton Pa, 18503

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