Become A Contributor

Become a Contributor for Furies MagazineThe awesome thing about being a Furies Magazine contributor is that you can do it in your underwear you dirty, dirty slob.

There are two ways you can contribute to the awesomeness that is Furies Magazine:

  1. Scout for talent and send them in my direction. Easy as that.
  2. Write for Furies Magazine. Interview said talent, take pictures, get their ugly mugs up on the website. A little more goes into this position.

SCOUTS: There are no requirements for this position. If you find someone of immense talent and they end up being featured you will be noted as the person that found the dude or dudette. All you have to do is email information about the talented person to However, if you do not have their permission to contact Furies on their behalf you will no longer be allowed to scout for talent in the name of Furies Magazine. You cannot become a creepster and print out business cards and/or start harassing people under the name of Furies Magazine.

WRITERS: You will need to email some samples of your work, or links to samples, to with “Consider Me A Contributor” and your name in the subject line. You will have to be willing to interview people via email. (Email makes it easier to correctly quote people. It also gives the interviewee more time to answer the questions.) You might need to take pictures of the interviewee and their work. (We do not comp for you to go to performances/shows, but some artists/musicians sometimes do.) You will need to keep me informed of who you’re interviewing and when the article should be finished.