Now Hear This: Echoes In Silence

On this day you will have your mind expanded, and possibly blown. I will give you a moment to get your plastic taped up to save your walls. Done? I will continue then. I would like to introduce to you Echoes In Silence. Together musicians Rob Mead (Vocals), Anthony Hitt (Guitar), Anthony Mattox (Guitar), Andrew “Rew” Stanton (Bass), and  Brandon McGowan (Drums)  form this alternative rock band. They bring a driving and edgy beat and combine it with melodic guitar riffs. To top it all off you have Rob’s vocals with lyrics that will make you live the music. As usual I had to find out more. Take a listen to some of what they have to offer, and check out what they had to tell me.


Furies Magazine: How did Echoes In Silence come together?

Echoes In Silence: The thought came up about a year ago. Anthony Mattox, Rob Mead and Andrew Stanton started the band along with friends Justin Mattix (Drums) and Eddie Mann (Guitar). The first single “Autumn” was released on October 13th, 2011 and the band started moving from there. Soon after, members Justin and Eddie had to step down from the band due to personal reasons. Drummer, Brandon McGowan and guitarist, Anthony Hitt joined the band soon after and the basis was formed. The band practiced a full set of hard-hitting tracks and recorded a four song EP titled Breaking The Silence that released on January 7th, 2012.

Photo by Alli Richards

FM: What is the most memorable performance of ENS?

ENSThere are so many it’s hard to pick one. Probably the most memorable show for us was when we played the last band standing at Rivers and Spires festival in Clarksville, TN. We were one of eight selected to play out of 40 or so bands. Even though we didn’t win, the reaction of the crowd when we started playing was unlike any show we had played since our EP release show.

FM: Where does your music come from?

ENSAt the moment, all of the members live pretty far apart which makes constant group practice a little hard. We do a lot of writing on our own in between practices. We’ll email and text ideas to each other and build on them at practice. It’s a different way of doing it, but nearly every song we’ve written so far was created this way.

Photo by Clarksville After Dark

FM: Who are the musical influences for ENS?

ENSWe all have our own influences and favorite artists. As a whole, we’re more focused towards bands like Chevelle, 10 Years, and Red. Those are the bands we relate to the most but with our own sound.

FM: What is the next step for ENS?

ENS: We just got back from our break. We took a few months away from music for personal reasons and other priorities. We now have all our album material ready. The next step is to go back into the studio to produce our full length and hopefully tour some. We are taking things a little slower this go around and definitely being smarter in what decisions we make.


I love  to hear that sound and feel that energy. Stick around for some more ENS. In the mean time listen to more of ENS on either ReverbNation or by clicking around their YouTube channel. You can receive updates from ENS by liking them on Facebook.

Photo by Alli Richards