Now Hear This: Auto Defiance

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Here at Furies Mag we like to bring you the fresh talent. Today we bring to you a group straight from Music City … Nashville for those behind in the times.

Auto Defiance is formed by the talents of Bradley Boyer (Songwriter, Vocals & Guitars), Asheria (Vocals, Piano & Synth), Matt Simms (Guitar), and Jonathan Bradford (Drums).

Auto Defiance combines everything we love about the 90’s with their own extraordinary flare. At first the guitars and drums hook you and then Boyer’s voice and lyrics reel you in. Have a listen, I insist:


Furies Magazine: How did Auto Defiance come together?

Bradley Boyer: After a stint as an airborne paratrooper in the 101st Airborne, I was fortunate enough to meet musicians and songwriters from all over the states. Jam sessions formed, then songs, then a band, and countless shows. We were the only band in the area at the time playing alternative music. The drummer, (my best friend) moved our operation to Louisville, and continued writing, recording. Typically 6- 7 hours a day. His early idea for the band was under the moniker “Auto de fe“,such a name didn’t really flow, nor was it understood either. So I took the idea, paired with my rebel spirit and the name “Auto Defiance” was born. After a year of serious writing, recording and playing open mics in Louisville, friends begged us to move to Nashville for free pro recording, support, etc. So we did.

In music city, I was fortunate enough to play & write with musicians and songwriters from all over the states. Jam sessions formed, then songs, then a band, and countless shows. With the abundance of remarkable talent Nashville has to offer, musicians who we felt are the best fit for our trademark sound were given the opportunity to play live, and if they cut it, they go on tour with us. The addition of experimental vintage film scores projected live on stage brought us in close collaboration with many freelance filmmakers in the area. Currently, we are more of an “art-rock collective” with various film / music projects going on at any given time.

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FM: Who is your number 1, favorite artist/group?

BB: oh! so unfair. Living ? – The Cure. They never get old, and sound like no one else. No longer living? Jeff Buckley. What an amazing voice, spirit…

FM: Where does your music/lyrics come from?

BB: A good song always begins on acoustic guitar, with vocal melodies flowing freely first. The band jumps in and builds musical ideas, and we play the songs live,. from there, the final lyrics are penned, and becomes a livin’, breathin’ song.

FM: Most memorable performance?

BB: That’s got to be the 5 dates in 5 days for SXSW this year. Intense ! That’s a close tie with our Art-Rock Benefit show at Exit In. I organized a charity show for Kids with special needs. Art Show with 10 artists showing, 5 bands. We packed it out and raised over $600 for children at Vanderbilt Tiny Tim project, and Project Help at MTSU. It went so well, we are hosting Art Rock benefits now a few shows a year, and taking it on the road. We Rock for a Cause !


If you want to keep up with Auto Defiance check their website or follow them on twitter.

My goal for the day was to add some flavor to your playlist. Mission Accomplished.

Photo Credit: Emilio Hughes