Tattoo Time: Noon


Noon’s work is creative, unmistakable, and memorable.  His use of heavy lines and spare color make his tattoos stand out among the crowd.  If you have not already been introduced to his work, please, by all means, sit back and enjoy…


DSC02340Furies Magazine:  Were you always involved with art in some form?  If so, what?

Noon:  I use to draw a lot when I was a child, but can not say that I was really involved in art…. Later, when  I reached 15, I really started to move in the world of art, with museums, books, fanzines and the first art exhibitions….

Furies Magazine:  What led you to tattooing?

Noon:  As far as I remember, I was always interested (I can say fascinated) by tattoos… In the city where I grew up and where I am still living today, tattoo was everywhere…. By the guys coming out from jail, by the older that were wearing tattoos as a leading social position, by the gipsies that were a lot in the area…. As soon as I learned how to do them, I started…. first on me, then on friends and by hand (I still did not get my first machine!!!)… Some years later, when came the “punk” years, I used to tattoo all my punk friends around…. till I got my first tattoo machine in 1996 and started to do it in a more professional way….

Furies Magazine:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  Who did it?DSC01241

Noon:  I did my first tattoo by myself…. I was really young… I think I was 12, maybe 13, but not more….

Furies Magazine:  Who taught you how to tattoo, and at what age?  How/where did you learn?

Noon:  So after all this year tattooing by hand, and just for the pleasure, I finally got my first tattoo machines…. But this first period taught me a lot, and maybe the most important thing: U need a solid line to make a good tattoo…When I read the same sentence by Hanky Panky in his “Tattoo World” magazine, I immediately knew that it was also the key for a good tattoo made with a machine….
I learned almost everything by myself, and I think U can still feel that in my today’s works…. A guy that I met gave me the address of Micky Sharpz and Spaulding & Rogers… I went to Birmingham to buy my first equipment, took some advice from them and from the guy that gave me their address and then moved on…. The beginning was difficult; as for many of us that started by this time in France…. Soldering the needles with glue before learning how to solder with silver; lining with one needle!!! And looking to the magazines…. By the same year, I met Lionel (out of step tattoo)  that was also trying to start…. He was coming to C me, and I did the same and we were calling each other as soon as we were discovering new tricks….. And finally, something not so bad finished by coming out from the needles!!!!!

DSC00960Furies Magazine:  Where did you start out tattooing?  Do you prefer to be called a tattooer or tattoo artist?

Noon:  I started at home… Then I opened a shop some years later….

I prefer to be called a tattooer or a tattooist more than a tattoo artist…. Even the fact that I have more and more freedom to use my art vision in my tattoos, I still consider myself to be more a good illustrator than a real artist  (that means to have total freedom for me…).

And generally speaking, I do not really consider that “tattoo artist” is a good word for most of the tattooers…. Again, most of us are (when they are doing their best) just good illustrators (when they are even just good tattooists or good copyists)… Nobody is really trying to sell their art… They just do what the customers ask, and just focus on the money they can take from that, but just a few are taking the risk to really sell their art…. People like Guy Atchinson, Xed le Head, Bugs, Paul Booth, Yann Black, Jeff…. can pretend to be called “tattoo artist” as they never give any concession to their art… For the others, that are just selling for the best of them what the magazines need to sell their paper, I think that “tattooers” (or money makers!!!) is enough…

Anyway, “tattoo artist” is still the best for the”ego”.

Furies Magazine:  Do you find tattoos changing with trends?DSC01046

Noon:  For sure…. There is a fashionable way to get tattooed…. 10 years ago, everybody was dying for tribal…and before that with Indians, wolves and dolphins….

That we are covering today!!!!!

Now the way to be in is to get some neo traditional… And it is easy: Just open the door of the first good tattoo shop and they will propose U what to get to be in!!!!

Just open the first tattoo magazine U can get, and U will know which model to chose…

Before the next cover up…..

Furies Magazine:  Do you have a favorite tattoo convention, and, why?

Noon:  I went this year for the first time to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering organised by Gabe Ripley in Colorado, and I really enjoyed this event…. Why? Because this event focused on the “tattoo” (and not on the tattooists) generally speaking (painting, techniques, drawing….). It had a really good selection of tattooists to talk about with as Shawn Barber, Cory Ferguson, Jo Harrison, Jason Butcher, Nick Baxter, Alex de Pase,…. It was a real convention designed for tattooists, and not for money makers….a time for sharing… a convention with a real purpose to make the tattoo go further…. So, I think that it was for me the best tattoo convention I did and, a must be for other events….

DSC01176Furies Magazine:  What inspires you/your work?

Noon:  My work is a big mix of lot influences such as traditional artists (Picasso, Juan Gris, Fernand Leger – and generally, I am a fan of all the first generation abstract artists), but also architecture, street art, singulart art, art brut, pop surrealism, graphic illustration….

Furies Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Noon:  Still tattooing, hopefully!!!! I really love my work, so….

Furies Magazine:  Any piece of advice for that Tattoo Virgin?

Noon:  Take the time…..

Furies Magazine:  Is there a piece you’ve done that stands out as your favorite?

Noon:  Not really… Some I like more, some less, but I like them all….  Maybe my favorite is my last work….till the next one!!!!

Furies Magazine: Noon can be found here:DSC01242

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