Norbert Thiemann of Cinespire Photography (NSFW)

I have admired Norbert Thiemann’s work for quite some time. In fact, every time I saw one of his photographs I thought it would be perfect for Furies. He might be one of the reasons I came back to Furies; to be able to bring attention to local talent like him and work like his.

I was lucky that he reached out to me to be the first interview for the rehash of Furies Magazine.

Cinespire Photography - 0293-02What inspired you to start taking pictures?
Both of my California cousins took still photographs before they became immersed in creating motion pictures. Seeing their different styles and approaches was very inspiring. It helped a lot that they are both so talented.

They also influenced my appreciation for watching fine films. The name Cinespire Photography came from my realization that the photographs would in some way be influenced by things I had witnessed on the big screen. Not surprisingly, I also gravitate toward the art and photos of times past.

When did you get your start as a photographer?
My plunge into photography started somewhere around 2006 or 2007. Initially, I bought the camera with the intention of producing works in stop motion, in conjunction with film making. After a few sessions with models I was simply hooked on taking stills.

Cinespire Photography - 0272-02How would you describe your work?
I would say it is earthed in minimalism, with a hint of dark and somber notes.  I think it also strives toward creating a faux realism.

How does today’s politically correct obsessed culture effect your content and the people who model for you?
Some of the work is erotic, but the majority is not confined to that definition.  I aim for my work to be both body and sex positive.  It can become empowering for those who seek it.  I’ve essentially witnessed two types of feminism, which are sex positive and sex negative. One just seems more healthy and inclusive.

Do you plan out your shoots ahead of time or do you let the subject inspire you?
It turns out to be a combination of both.  I generally have various loose ideas for a shoot, but I stay open to my subject, location and potential props.  A lot of my photographs were spontaneously created out of an inspired moment.

Cinespire Photography - 0232-01I notice that a lot of your work is black and white or has very subtle use of color. Why is that?
Great phrasing of this question, because I had to pause and think about it. I love everything about black and white, especially mingling in the shadows. It’s my opinion that black and white aids in making experiences more universal, instead of being solely about one specific person.

Although we had color TV’s when I was young, we still had the odd black and white portable model.  In the early years, it was rare for us to go to the movie theater, however we did frequent the drive-in. I’m sure I was influenced by all the black and white and muted colors from when I was growing up.  Watch some great classics and movies from the 1970’s to get my drift.

Cinespire Photography - 0113-01Are there any local artists that you’re inspired by?
For local, I would be remiss not to acknowledge Bill Steber.

What are your goals as an artist?
Recognition is big for every artist I’m sure. I mainly wish to be more prolific, and to keep growing.

If you could shoot anything/anyone you wanted, what/who would it be?
Beauty comes in many forms, and variety is so important. For some time I have been drawn to the presence of an international model who has gained notoriety for being utterly unique. Her name is Melanie Gaydos, and she has done some very fine work.

Actually, I’m happy to keep shooting with lots of different people, because of the importance I place in variety, and beauty in all it’s forms.

You can see more of Norbert’s work on his website (or the more safe-for-work photography on Instagram). If you like his work leave a comment and go like his facebook page to show your support.

Cinespire Photography - 0094b-02


Don’t Call It Come Back

We’ve been here for years!

I went to Murfreesboro’s first art crawl last night. I was surprised to see that every venue I entered was packed. All I could think was, “It’s about fucking time!”

Where the hell was all of this interest when I was spending 40 hours a week at a desk doing this shit two years ago? That’s what I’d like to know. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter, because the interest is here now. And, damn it, Furies is going to take advantage of it!

photo (57)

This time the focus will be on Middle Tennessee with just a few national or international features for inspiration/ideas. It will be narrowed down to Visual Arts, Musicians, and Tattoo Artists; streamlined. I haven’t decided on a new posting schedule, yet. But I’ll hash that out in time.

I’m going to start looking for some fresh art and new contributors. If you’re interested in being a contributor jump over to the Contributor page. If you’re interested in being featured check out the be featured page.

Don’t act like you’re not completely fucking stoked.


Interview the Editor

image (12)I just had this idea earlier in the shower. I thought it would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better. Instead of having a formal interview done by one of the other writers, I’m going to let you interview me.

I’ll leave this form up for a week. You can ask any question you want. Want to know what my favorite movie is? What I do on the weekends (other than working on Furies)? Do you have any questions about Furies? I’ll answer those, too.

Next Sunday morning I’ll take the form down and get started on getting you some answers. Then I’ll post the “interview” up Sunday evening for your entertainment.

Get started:



I’m Not Getting Paid

photo 2 (7)You know that, right?

I spend a majority of my days and nights writing, interviewing, screening submissions, promoting, editing and working on Furies Magazine. It is a full-time job with zero pay. Sometimes it’s more than a full-time job. Sometimes my life outside of it is interrupted by it. I’m not complaining. In fact, I am grateful that I get to spend my time with so many awesome fucking people. Not just the talent, but the readers as well. Especially the readers!

The reason that I call our fans Fire Starters: individuals can accomplish more than any corporation. One person can strike a spark so big that it lights the world on fire. You, the readers and features, encourage me to keep going with your supportive e-mails and just by being there. 

But here’s the deal: we need to be able to take it to the next level. If we can’t I’m afraid that it’s just going to fade into oblivion. We don’t want that, right? We want it to explode – not fade away. 

I know it’s crazy for someone to say “prove that you love me”. But I’m saying it to you about Furies. We can’t get anywhere without your support. And if we can’t get anywhere then we can’t help to promote anyone else.

I can not clearly express how important Furies is to me. I can’t explain what it would mean to me for Furies to succeed – outside of myself. What I know it can do for other people excites me. Sitting down at the computer every day to peruse new talent sends tingles down my spine, especially when the music is really good and I can just jam for hours! Interviewing talent, talking to readers, reading e-mails, editing content – these things make me happy. The only thing that could make me happier was if it were to turn into an actual print magazine; something tangible that I can share with other people.  Then I’ll have something to take to advertisers. Once we get advertisers it will start to thrive on its own – without pledges, without begging. But the purpose will stay the same: promoting artists, promoting creation, promoting talent and showing the rest of the world what some punk kids really have to offer. 

I know Furies is punk and hardcore and I shouldn’t be so emotional and mushy, but I’m a nerd and this is a dream. 

Consider this me, down on my knees, begging you to help Furies Magazine become the phenomenal thing that it is meant to be! Go to our Kickstarter project: Pop Our Printing Cherry!. Like it. Share it. If you can, pledge. If we don’t reach our goal we get nothing. 

If nothing else, just check it out to watch the awkward video we made!

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The Naked Truth …but not really

A friend and I were arrested last week. . . for streaking.

It started like this:

We were sitting around her house Sunday night watching the credits roll at the end of Anchorman. My friend – who will remain nameless for the sake of anonymity – turned to me and said, “You know what movie we haven’t watched in a while?”

I shook my head.

She says, “Old School.”

I said, “I’ll do you one better.” Then I started unbuttoning my pants. She took my cue and ran with it, literally.

As soon as our last pieces of clothing hit the carpet we were out the door. We ran down Main Street over Broad Street and around some other streets. (It’s a good thing I’ve been training for Warrior Dash or I would have never had the stamina to run that far!) Little did our thoughtless minds realize that we were running right by the Sheriff’s Department! However, we didn’t get stopped by the Sheriff’s Department – we got stopped by the Police Department. They were very nice while arresting us. They even provided us with some blankets to cover up with. 

The drive to the Sheriff’s Department was short since we had just passed it on our little jaunt. We didn’t have to risk anyone recognizing us. And thankfully, when booked, a strip search was unnecessary. 

Seeing as how neither of us have ever been in any kind of trouble before, the bail was set low and we were able to call my mother to have her get us out of jail.

The sad thing is that we had to pay my mother back for bailing us out. So, to make a long story short, we no longer have the funds for the Furies Magazine Mini Promotional Tour. *sad face*

I hope our readership can forgive us. 

We have many plans for the future of Furies Magazine. Including a readership party with little cost out-of-pocket and a ton, hopefully, of prizes to give away.

*This story is  completely fictitious. However, the promotional tour is still cancelled for the time being. But what a great way to let you down! Huh? Huh? Am I right?

Here’s The Plan, Stan.

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