Aaron Grayum

Aaron Grayum is a painter in Nashville.
He has been painting since 1998.

If you like his work check out his website and follow him on facebook to show your support!
You’ll be able to see Aaron’s art in person at the Nashville Ballet beginning March 15th!
See his facebook page for more information.


A Nod To You, Fire Starters!

DanSwiftA little over six months ago, Furies Magazine was only an idea. It wasn’t even a fully thought-out idea. It was a blurting of “I should start a magazine.” 

And the next day, I really thought about it. I went to my mother’s, because she’s my sounding board, and I really talked it through. I came home feeling invincible and said , “Honey, can I have some money?” haha. AND THAT’S HOW FURIES MAGAZINE STARTED! 

PinUpMoxieLoveSince I moved to Nashville back in 2006 I have met so many just fucking awesome people. These people inspired me, became my dear friends, and always encouraged me to follow my art and my passions. The one really annoying thing about Nashville is that the true artists, musicians, etc aren’t allowed out in daylight without normal jobs. These extremely talented people are pushed to the background behind a cloud of cowboy jokes, country music and generic paintings. Some of the best artists around aren’t even celebrated because their work is done in ink on flesh. 

DesperatelyDifferentMy goal with Furies is to take away the redneck stigma and show the world these alternative and extremely gifted Nashville talents. 

Six months ago Furies was an inkling of an idea. Today it is a thriving community of some of the most passionate talent that Nashville has to offer. You guys are cooler than I could ever be. I completely admire you for all of the work you do. It is you that makes Furies as great as it is. 

BenRitchieIn three days our kickstarter project will be launching  to raise funds for our first print issue. It will be our introduction to the rest of the world. We will have until Valentine’s Day to raise the money to publish our first print issue. If we don’t raise all of the money that we need to get it published the project will fail. However, I have a lot of faith in what we’re doing here. When the project succeeds we will have it printed by May, maybe even sooner. 

I could not be more proud of the community of people that have come together and have been so supportive of each other. I can promise that we will continue to push the boundaries of what people think Nashville has to offer. We will continue to promote the outsiders, the miss fits and the fire starters.

So, let’s squash this country music stigma! Let’s all come out and take a bow and be proud of who we are and the community that we represent.

Let’s start some fires!!!

… but not literally, because then I’d get arrested. 

Also, We would not have come this far without my husband, your contributing editor, Kenneth Zook and my good friend, your new National/International Tattoo Writer, Nichole McVeigh. Not to mention all of the very first talented people that took a chance on a start-up and let me interview them!!!!