Tattoo Time: Ryan Thomas

71576_10200269362046298_881460437_nOn this day I bring to you an artist. His medium is your flesh and his work, it is awesome! Considering the fact that I have no tattoos I appreciate the dedication to his craft. His name, Ryan Thomas. A five year soldier in this fight for artistic expression. Ryan brings his neo-traditional style to Nashville. Here is what he had to say:


Furies Magazine: What made you want to be a Tattoo Artist?

Ryan Thomas: I always wanted to do something I loved and I loved to draw so I figured it was the only way to make a living and do what I loved.


FM:  Is there anything you wish a Client would ask you to do?

RT:  My clients nowadays know what enjoy doing,  With social media they see all the paintings I put out and I always love to tattoo what I paint.

FM:  Have you ever turned a Customer Down?

RT: Yes, generally for style issues. I know what my limits are.


FM: Who would you Kill to meet?

RT: Nobody is that important.  Id like to, without killing meet a few great tattooers I look up to.  Uncle Allan, Jim Sylvia, and hope they are as cool in person as they are in my head.

FM: What would you say is the hardest part of being a Tattoo Artist?

RT: Time!  There isnt enough time in the day to tattoo for 8 hours, draw for 2-3 and maintain a family and a life outside of tattooing.

FM: What’s your most memorable cover-up?

RT: I dont do a tone of them but names of boyfriends and girlfriends is always the best.  Its the curse did you really think you would be the exception.


FM:  Which Tattoo was your Favorite to do?

RT: I think an Indian headress skull I did a while back.

FM: Any thing you wish you could say to clients, but don’t?

RT: Plenty but I really try lately to be more understanding of their perspective.  We try and do what the client asks   I would never tell them how to do their job so please dont tell me how to do mine.


If you like what you see you can hit up Black 13 Tattoo at 209 10th Ave South Suite 208 Nashville, TN 37203. You can also check out their news and events on facebook.