Now Hear This: the stragglers

Jam Space

Today we get to listen to some tunes from up north. Way up north. the stragglers is a Canadian band formed by Mark (Vocals), Frazer (Guitar), Grant (Guitar), Eric (Bass), and Brenden (Drums). Claiming to be “Not punk enough since 2010”, the stragglers bring a feel to music that makes you want to jump in with them. Listening to their tracks you can definitely tell that they are friends enjoying hanging out, and making good music just happens. Take a listen and read what they had to say to me. 


Furies Magazine: How did the stragglers begin?

the stragglers: The stragglers began when Mark sang ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’ by Filter on Rockband at Frazer’s house. Frazer was taking a program at college called Music Industry Arts and needed to record a song for his final project. He asked Mark to write the vocals and the first song, These Arms are Yours, of their EP was written.

House Party

FM: Who is the bands biggest inspiration?

ts: Everyone has their own individual favorites  We’ve always wanted to cover The Decline by Nofx, Eric learned to play bass by listening to Rancid, and Mark and Frazer have Alkaline Trio and the Flatliners tattoos, respectively.

FM: Have any band traditions?

ts: Yes. We drink. At shows and at band practice. Practice makes perfect.

FM: Where does the music come from?

ts: It’s usually 50/50. Either the vocals will come first, i.e. The Things I Know or the guitar part, i.e. A Sad Song (Not at All).

Frazer and Mark

FM: What is your favorite track?

ts: Well we always play Sad Song and You Owe Me but we have a new song coming out on our next 6 song album called Mad Men that is definitely a collective favourite. There’s a youtube video of us playing it live somewhere when we opened for No Use For a Name. 

FM: Most memorable performance?

ts: Probably when we opened for the Riverboat Gamblers (Austin, TX). But mainly because they gave us a couple shout outs, let us pick the encore song and pulled Mark on stage to sing with them.

@ Pouzza Fest, Montreal 2012

FM: Does anyone have any “professional” training?

ts: Just private lessons growing up.

FM: Does anyone have a Tattoo?

ts: Yes, all of us.

FM:Have you ever wanted to do a stage dive? Had the opportunity?

ts: No, but when we do we will do it for you guys. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.

FM: What is next?

ts: We are playing KOI Music Festival on September 14th, 2013 in Kitchener, Ontario.




stragglers Pic