Now Hear This: Red Measure

RandallRedMeasurePortFrom Nashville Tennessee I bring to you a story of a guy. A guy with a dream. You may be asking yourself what that dream is, but for those who read Furies regularly you already know by now. He has a dream of making music. I took a listen to Red Measure and I must admit, I liked it. I caught up with the creator and front man of Red Measure (Randall) and threw some tricky questions his way. Take a look and have a listen:


Furies Magazine: Who does what?

Red Measure: Well the un-short answer is that this project started with me in my apartment writing songs until I figured out what exactly I wanted to do, which ended up being Red Measure. In the case of this project it’s always been my personal creative pursuit, and the process in that pursuit is a solitary one. However, there’s always been a live band in some form (the original lineup was together for a couple of years). Other people have also been involved in various degrees when it came to recording. There are definitely a couple key people I’ve worked with and continue to work with who play a really important role in the process. I’ve been lucky enough to work with really incredible people. 

The current live band has Nathan on the bass and Sofia on drums, and I play guitar and sing. 


FM: How did the current live band come together?

RM: The old fashioned way – Craigslist. That’s how it’s always been done right? Wait. That’s wrong, but also right. I’d just moved to Nashville a few months back looking to put together a new line-up for shows. I went through a heaping portion of some very interesting characters, as well as some very cool musicians, who just didn’t work out due to bad timing or schedule conflicts. But I ended up meeting Sofia and then Nathan came along just a few days before our first show in Nashville. We’ve been playing shows together since.

FM: Where does the music come from?

RM: I’m not completely sure. I’ve always loved rock music of the darker variety. That’s what I’ve always been drawn to – whether it’s a pop oriented song or flat out weirdness. 

When it comes to writing lyrics I usually have to sit down and figure out what the hell it means after I write it. It always makes sense in a vaguely familiar way when it’s going down on paper, but it’s not always clear what the full meaning is behind them until I sit with them for a bit. I usually know that the words are keepers when they start to just fall out onto the page, but part of it for me is figuring out what exactly I’m talking about. So it comes from somewhere. But these definitely aren’t a bunch of love songs. Nothing against it, but I don’t have the urge to write about that. And I also don’t have the urge to pine for my youth as a lot of bands like to do these days. That doesn’t interest me. I’m more interested in dealing with other issues we encounter in life.

FM: Favorite artist/group?

RM: There’s a bunch of really cool shit out there. In terms of music, it’s always hard to say because there are so many bands who have had an impact on me. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of PJ Harvey’s Peel Sessions and a good bit of this band called Enon. 

FM: What’s next?

RM: I just recorded a couple new songs. One with the full band and one on my own. That’ll probably be released in some form in the near future. Otherwise, I’ll be recording a bunch of new material this summer which I’m hoping to release as a full-length. 

FM: Death by Whale, or Zombie?

RM: Definitely a whale. Zombies are getting to be too boring to be a threat. We already have The Walking Dead, and I think there are still to be anywhere from 4 to 13 zombie movies (one even has Brad Pitt in it – what the fuck!) coming out this year. I’m just not worried about the undead at this point. And while we’re on the subject, Shawn of the Dead is arguably still the best zombie movie ever made. So there is that. Also, whales are huge. I’d at least like to go out against a formidable opponent.

FM: Any Band traditions?

RM: Not yet, but I’m looking into it. 

FM: Do you have any tattoos?

RM: I have a couple. I like tattoos that serve as a personal reminder of things other than my address or ICE contact. So mine serve that purpose for me in the life philosophy department. I can always use the help I guess.


If you like what you heard check out more from Red Measure on the web.


The Animal Chair Collection

A few weeks ago I saw this chair on Tumblr. I don’t know why, but it really grabbed my attention. Not only does it capture the grace of a whale, it just looks completely luxurious. I can imagine a complete fashion editorial in Vogue based around this whale chair alone. I was drawn to the artist’s website. I couldn’t help myself. I had to see if there was more! 

There is. There are, so far, five animal chairs created by artist Maximo Riera. They are: an Octopus, a Rhino, a Walrus, and Elephant, and the Whale. Maximo is currently working on a Beetle. I reached out to him hoping to get an interview for Furies Magazine and he kindly agreed. 


Furies Magazine: What is your favorite part of the entire process from original sketch to painting the foam?

Maximo Riera: Every single stage of the creative process is exciting and satisfying for me. I like the challenge of turning an idea into something physical and tangible. From the brain storming, I have the intention for creating something new and different, when I am completely happy with the design and the appearance of the piece, we move forward to a more complex phase which is facing the possible balance and structural problems in order to make achievable the production.

FM: Are these your favorite animals or do they just speak to the project better than others?

MR: I normally choose endangered species to try to make a statement.

FM: What brought you to the CNC (computer numerical control) technology and were there any hesitations?

MR: As most animals, we use tools to achieve a purpose. I believe that hi-tech can be completely compatible with artistic creation. Art always has to break boundaries and being an artist nowadays means that you have to take risks in order to create something new/different – innovative. This is the key to make Art evolving.

FM: How would you describe the experience working with science-minded people for the chairs?

MR: Excellent experience, they are able to provide me with the highest technology and engineering available on the market today in order to achieve accuracy and likeness of the pieces. This is a great and new experience for all of us.

FM: Are you typically open to working with other people or was this a new experience for you?

MR: When someone is considering doing projects on such scale and dimensions, a team of professionals is required and needed. Industrialized production in art is commonly used now.

FM: Was it hard for you to trust your vision with others?

MR: We work together on a daily basis so there is no room for any mistakes or flaws.

FM: I know that you’re currently working on a Beetle. What’s next? Are there going to be more?

MR: Yes we are working and new and exciting pieces.  My intention is to have at least fifteen pieces in the collection.

FM: Do you have any other projects lined up for when you’re finished with the chairs?

MR: At the moment I am really focused on The Animal Chair Collection. We have a couple of shows coming one in China and the other one in Middle East. But I am working on new projects as well, like a collection of lamps.

FM: What is your work environment like? Is it chaotic or very controlled?

MR: It is very controlled and organized

FM: Do you like to listen to music while you’re working?

MR: Yes most of the times.

FM: Where do you turn if you’re ever lacking inspiration?

MR: Nature is my biggest inspirations and by contemplating it I am able to create my art.


You can find all of Maximo’s artwork, including The Animal Chair Collection, on his website. You can also like the facebook page for The Animal Chair Collection.